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Summer Events Prague 2018

Summer is hitting the town.

Here it comes, finally the warmest season of the year, the one that we were waiting so long. The sun rising over the city on bright mornings, lunch under a terrace canopy, lights reflecting on the river's surface on warm evenings. As a traveler, you'll love this time of year in the Czech capital city. Like many places, the sun brings out the best of Prague, with parks and riversides filling to the brim. Crowded with tourists, Prague's summer months in the city pulse with energy. As temperatures soar, so does the events scene. A little bit of insider knowledge comes handy when seeking out the best things to do in Prague – so we thought we’d help you out. Take these tips into consideration as you plan your trip to Prague during the summer season to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Miss Sophie has prepared a bunch of exciting outdoor events, covering the whole spectrum of activities and the main highlights that you can be looking forward to - from farmers markets, through music festivals to theatre & art. Even though it is hard to cover everything, as Prague is  truly enthusiastic about its culture, we made the most awaited affairs to be marked on you calendar...


Letňák 2018 - 1.06 - 10.09

This event is a fantastic opportunity to experience an authentic local atmosphere with a very diverse program for the whole summer. Watch concerts, film screenings under the sky full of stars, and of course discos on Střelecký Island that will make summer even sweeter for Praguers and its guests.

@ Střelecký Island (Střelecký ostrov), Praha 1, www.letnak.cz

Arena - 14.06 - 24.06

One more fabulous open-air festival will be held in Prague of the Forman Brothers Theatre. This is a community, based in Prague which is tied up together by the passion for creating art. Every day there will be live performances, workshops and dances as well. If you would like to attend some of the performances, the tickets are available here.

@Smíchovská Náplavka

United Islands of Prague - 22.06 - 23.06

The United Islands of Prague is a popular multi-genre festival held every year since 2004 on the Vltava River’s islands and in other open-air locations in Prague’s historical centre. This is the most vibrant music event that would definitely make you dance and any music lover would find the perfect fit for his taste. And what is more, the entrance is free!

@ Various places- check their webpage - www.unitedislands.cz/en/

Summer Events in Prague 2018 United Islands
[Picture : United Islands / Facebook]

Metronome Festival - 22.06 - 23.06

Alongside United Island festival, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers or Tom Odell will perform at one of the best locations in town. Authentic atmosphere and great musicians will create some unforgettable memories.

@ Areál Výstaviště - for more information visit their website - www.metronomefestival.cz/en/

Summer Events in Prague 2018 Metronome Festival Prague
[Picture : Metronome Festival Prague / Facebook]


Prague Folklore days  19.7 - 22.7

This is the major cultural event in Prague for you, celebrating the country’s folk heritage. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about traditional folk life, while enjoying cultural performances and a colourful parade through the city centre, marching around historical sights of Prague in their traditional costumes.

@ Various places, www.praguefestival.cz/folklore

Behind the door   16.7 - 19.7

Summer season means everyone goes out, and even theatres are moving their performances to the streets of Prague. That is for sure an alternative way of discovering the city and its culture.

@ Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha),  www.zadvermi.cz

Summer Events in Prague 2018 Divadelní festival Za dveřmi Prague
[Picture : Divadelní festival Za dveřmi / Facebook]


Prague PRIDE    6.8 - 12.8

It is a young event but already one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe which shows the openness of Czech culture, making the city even more welcoming for everyone. The parade starts in the historical city center and ends in Pride Park, located in Letna park overlooking Vltava river with numerous bridges.  Visitors can enjoy activities organized for this special event, find more information here.

Summer Events in Prague 2018  Prague Pride Festivals
[Picture : Prague Pride / Facebook]

Letní Letná    15.8 - 2.9

Already 15th edition of the new era of circus and theatre in Prague. Many of you would be able to enjoy circus and theatre companies, clown shows, open-air performances, concerts, film screenings, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and extensive program for kids.

@ Letna Parks, www.letniletna.cz

Prague indeed offers diving into the cultural environment, but there should always be time and place for a chill-out and tasty meals. Here are some favourite delicious treats selected by Miss Sophie.
Food/drink festivals:

Farmer Markets

A must do activity when you are in Prague, even popular amongst locals. Get lost in one of the farmer markets, searching for the freshest fruits or vegetables, enjoying the smells and an overall atmosphere. You may also find some street food delicious bites to make your way of purchasing goods even more adventurous.

@ Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad (Wed-Fri 08:00 - 18:00, Sat 08:00 - 14:00)

Náměstí Republiky  (Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00)

Tylák Farmers’ market  (Mon-Fri 08:00 - 18:00)

Náplavka (every Saturday 08:00 - 14:00)

Heřmaňák, Řezáčovo náměstí  (every second Saturday 09:00 - 15:00)

Summer Events in Prague 2018 visitcz vinohrady prague

Mini-Beer Fest at Naplavka - 15.6 - 16.6

What can be more pleasant after a long day exploring the city than to stop by the Riverside and pop to the small-scale brewery fest. That is not all, there will be some gastro treats as well.
@ Náplavka on the Rašínovo nabřeží , www.pivonanaplavce.cz/

Fri- 14:00-22:00
Sat- 10:00-22:00

Ice-cream Festival - 17.6

That is it , what is really needed on a really warm and sunny day? An ice-cream festival, will cool down your cravings and boost the energy for another historical tour run on a sunny day. There will be different kinds of this world’s favourite treat: gelato, ice rolls, sorbets, frozen yogurts as well as bio and vegan options.

@ Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha), www.pragueicecreamfestival.cz

Summer Events in Prague 2018 Icecream Festival Zmrzlinar Prague
[Picture : Zmrzlinář / Facebook]

Street Food Jam - 1.7 , 15.7 , 29.7 , 12.8 , 26.8

A local choice from the gastronomic events during July and August. You should not miss a chance of getting the most favourite summer foodies.

@Cross Club, Plynární 23,  facebook.com/streetfoodfestivalcz/


This is a new alternative project right in the heart of Prague. Manifesto brings to its visitors an unusual cultural and culinary experience, offering space for entertainment and education, introducing minimalist perspective on both local and global gastronomy.

@ Na Florenci Street, www.manifesto.city/home-en

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Sofia was brought to Prague as a child from a complete opposite , very dynamic, modern, chaotic city- Moscow. A big change you say, felt like in a jungle here but after 7 years, she could not resist a chance of staying in Prague. She is interested in art and culture, finds inspiration in painting and literature. Someone said:"She is like a piece of art, with a subtle nature and an open heart.Curious, individualistic and hardworking , thanks to Prague for letting her be like that"

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