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Winter Prague
[mashshare] Oh, Prague! A city of colors and cultures attracting visitors with its charm, especially beautiful during winter. It is a season of funny hats, silly sweaters, hot chocolate, Christmas decorations and an overall cozy atmosphere - is here. It is also low season, offering a big chance to enjoy the wide streets of Wenceslas Square without having to squeeze through crowds of people. As the city slowly puts on its winter dress, Christmas markets are already alive and Christmas tree on the main square is shining bright, but there is much more to be experienced and Miss Sophie has a few things she wants to share with you.


A must-do for January is open air ice skating. All districts in Prague have special aura and distinctive touch; Rinks are located in different parts and that is why the atmosphere there is unique and not the same. While you are on your way to discover some must-see sites you might just stop to do some ice-skating, to evoke childhood memory and get a couple of bruises. If you do not have your own skates, it is not a problem! You can always rent them. After an hour or so of skating in circles, warm up with our favorite winter treat: mulled wine.

Photo | Richard Hodonicky

  • Letna.  This ice rink on Letna near Sparta Arena (opened daily from 09:00 until 21:00) with an amazing view to Prague Castle and scenery sunsets. You can take a walk around Letna gardens and experience a breath-taking views to the Old Town from the top spot.
  • Na Františku (open until 17:30) Prague 1. 25 minutes walking  from Miss Sophie’s through cobblestone streets of old town with fascinating buildings will get you there.
  • Ovocný trh (open until 10 pm) in Prague 1. Located right in the heart of Prague in a very lively region, about 15 minutes walk from Miss Sophie’s.
  • Mahlerovy sady at the Žižkov TV Tower in Prague 3 (open until 21:00). Located in a very unique, specific, kind of old style district but at the same time attractive, takes about 25-30 minutes walking.
  • Kasarna Karlin in Prague 3 ( open daily 10:00-19:00) . Contemporary, modern feel area of Prague which is located about half an hour walk from Miss Sophie’s.

Film Festivals

Numerous of film festivals from every corner of the world have popped up in  Prague This month we have Prague Film Awards January 5-18th for the first time. A small festival that covers indie filmmakers from the entire globe that is featured in small Prague. For more info, check their website here.  Following the awards, Prague will host Iranian Film Festival January 9-20th. You might even have a chance to meet Iranian cinematographers known not just for film work but also theirs artwork and musical performances. If you got interested, please, visit their website here.

Depeche Mode

To end this month with good vibes, Prague will warmly welcome legendary Depeche Mode. The concert will take place in O2 Arena January 31st They could not resist a chance of coming back to Prague after their incredible show in May, and you do not want to miss it this time around.


Every part of the season has some pros and cons. February is usually still quite cold month, which means that you have to take a warm-up break every once in a while, however you still have a great opportunity to fully enjoy it off season. I would also say that it is a borderline month, in the beginning you feel cool winter but towards the end warm sunshine of spring gets to you. February promises to be also a month full of exciting activities, slowly bringing spring atmosphere and warm, romantic spirit of St.Valentine's Day into town.

A little bit of sauna and spa

February is still a chilly month and outside is not that warm even though we have more and more sunny days which makes walks in Prague brighter. To heat up your days here and also relax after long promenades around when your muscles get a bit sore - sauna is a solution for you! Lázně na Lodi - is a sauna boat with an incredible view to the river and to Prague Castle, so you can combine both things : culture and recreation, what makes any trip more joyful. Another famous thing is beer spa, really cool thing when you can drink beer and also have beer bath at Bernard.

Celebration of Chinese new year on February 15.2-17.2

Prague is a multicultural city and in February will celebrate Chinese New Year. The event will be at Obecní Dům in Náměstí Republiky and there will be shows of Chinese cinematography, arts, and calligraphy as well as traditional Chinese food: delicious  duck with noodles.

EIGA SAI Japanese Film Festival

The Japanese Film Festival called “Eiga Sai” February 22.2.-28.2 This will be the 11th run of the festival, held at the Lucerna cinema - right off Wenceslas Square. This film festival will bring the whole spectrum of movie genres: from historical to horror. A great opportunity to experience different art and culture.

Photo | Alexandra Siebenthal

St Valentines Day in the Golden City

Miss Sophie could not miss a chance to write about St. Valentine's Day. Prague is a very romantic city in any season of the year, but towards this day it feels even more special and charming. You can wind through small streets of Prague with your loved one or even meet someone special for you while sitting and enjoying stunning view on the riverside in a small cafe with your latte. If you are still thinking whether to plan your trip to Prague, the answer is obvious, Prague will make your trip special and unforgettable, with its magical sites. If you are looking for some other ideas, check out our brother hostel, Sir Toby's advice here


This Czech tradition is an annual carnival held in February. Celebrations include plenty of food, masked parades, people in fancy costumes and general fun. The celebration will be for the whole month in various places in Prague, but traditionally coincides with the last days of winter, welcoming spring. There are a few districts in Prague that have their own spin on the celebration. Žižkovský masopust will take place in Prague 3, close to Miss Sophie's New Town as well as Miss Sophies Žižkov. Žižkov was a working quarter with its own laws and rules. Join the masquerade walk and absorb the atmosphere. Located in a suburb of Prague, residents of Roztoky and Unětice know how to put on a celebration. Residents from the community, dressed in homemade larger-than-life costumes make a leisurely march to a field in between the two villages, commencing in a "battle" of good fun, dancing, and merriment. You will see everyone from children to the elderly enjoying this unique celebration. What could be better mysterious, spirited and mythical procession of local masquerade will give you an original way to explore the city. You would not experience this anywhere else.

Masopust v Roztokách a Uněticích February 10th, 2018 : 11:00 - 23:00
Žižkovský masopust February 10-13th 2018 : 14:00 - 18:00

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Sofia was brought to Prague as a child from a complete opposite , very dynamic, modern, chaotic city- Moscow. A big change you say, felt like in a jungle here but after 7 years, she could not resist a chance of staying in Prague. She is interested in art and culture, finds inspiration in painting and literature. Someone said:"She is like a piece of art, with a subtle nature and an open heart.Curious, individualistic and hardworking , thanks to Prague for letting her be like that"

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