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Photos by Alexandra Siebenthal

Autumn is on it's way. As we wind down with the last few weeks of sunshine and cafe terraces, we are beginning to think about what we have to look forward to this fall, besides sweater-weather and the leaves changing. Prague has plenty fantastic events to keep us busy. Here, we asked Miss Sophie what are some of the events she is most looking forward to.


Vinobraní Festivals

Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

The arrival of September in the Czech Republic means the first harvest of wines. Yes, wine! While the Czech Republic is infamous for their beer, there is a long tradition of wine-making as well, especially in Moravia. Come September, just about every weekend castles, squares, farmers markets turn into festivals full of young wine stands known as “Vinobraní”. Wine makers gather to sell their first harvest of grapes known as “Burcak”. This sweet, semi-fermented wine must be sold between the dates of August 1 - and November 30 and be from Bohemian or Moravian locally grown fruits to be considered genuine Burcak. It goes down almost too easy while enjoying the last few weeks of summer-y weather with dancing, cultural music and beyond. No matter what weekend you arrive in Prague, there will be a wine festival, happening somewhere in the city.

Some of our favorite spots happen to be located close to Miss Sophie’s on any given weekend. To enjoy the celebrations we picked our favorites for you:

Vinohradské Vinobraní - Friday & Saturday, September 15-16 (12pm- 10pm) @ Naměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, free entry
Trojské Vinobraní - Friday, September 16th (11am-8pm) @ Trojské Zamek, Free entry
Vinobraní s. Kláry - Friday & Saturday, September 16th-17th (11am-8pm) @ Troja Botanical Gardens, 200 czk Entry fee
Vinobraní na Pražském Hradě - Saturday & Sunday, September 17-18 (11am-6pm) @ Royal Gardens of the Prague Castle, Free entry
Vinobraní na Grébovce - Friday & Saturday, September 22-23 (2pm-10pm) @ Havlíčkovy Sady,  Free entry
Karlštejnské vinobraní - Saturday & Sunday, September 30-October 1 (10am-6pm) @ Karlstejn Castle, Free Entry

Dožínky na Letné 2017

What will be the largest farmer's market in Prague to date will host over 100 regional vendors from the Czech Republic. Alongside the market, known as the Letná Harvest Festival, workshops, cultural and folk performances, will happen alongside special events taking place at the National Technical Museum and the National Museum of Agriculture. The festival has historical roots too -a Slavic harvest festival which usually fell on the autumn equinox, celebrating the season's harvest. The festival aims to present historical Czech traditions of agriculture and folklore as it relates to the historical harvest season.

September 8-9
Friday & Saturday,
Letná Park

Proseccofest na Hradě

Thirteen Italian winemakers will arrive in Prague this September, opening the new tradition of the Proseccofest. "Light, captivating, refreshing, sparkling with typical Italian esprit and elegance", while enjoying views of Mala Strana and the Prague Castle. What more could you hope for?

September 10
Sunday 10am - 6pm
Villa Richter, Free Entr

Zažít město jinak

Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

Another favorite amongst locals, what is known as "Zažít město jinak", or "experience the city differently", is essentially multiple block parties happening simultaneously throughout the city. A few of our favorite, well-loved neighborhoods will be having their own, and you bet you will find us there. Every year, one Saturday in September is designated for individual Prague districts to come together as a community. Here, you will get to taste a bit of each neighborhood’s flavor with local business on, and around the chosen streets offering food, drinks, local products, live music, dancing and beyond. It doesn’t get more local than that. Check out Bořivojova in Žižkov & Americká in Vinohrady to Mexická/Bulharská in Vršovice and Tusarová in Holešovice, are some of the ones Miss Sophie is most looking forward to. If you are looking to explore other locations in both the city center, and outside, check the website here.

Saturday, September 16th
Most programs begin at 12pm
All over Prague, Free Entry

Dyzajn Market

Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

Prague’s most popular open-air market for creative work, Dyzajn Market is a favorite amongst Praguers to snag local, affordable design. Come peruse Czech and foreign artists, designers, concerts, children's readings, DJs, workshops and great local street food! If you love the hunt for a one-of-a-kind find or appreciate artisanal creations, this market is for you.

September 23-24th
Saturday & Sunday,  10am - 7pm
Vaclav Havel Namestí @ Narodni Divadlo, Free Entry


Signal Festival

Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

Perhaps the headlining event of autumn would be Prague’s Signal Festival. As nights cool down, the city lights up, turning into an interactive playground of light installations. Usually a couple video mappings on historical buildings, as well as other playful installations that allow you to experience the city through an entirely different lens. Not to mention, many of them are exceptionally Instagram worthy, allowing you to challenge yourself as an artist in your own right by interacting with the various exhibits! Installations are usually concentrated in Prague 1 & 2, and Miss Sophie loves being right near the epicentre of action. What’s best of all, most of the event is entirely free!

October 12-15, (Thrusday - Saturday)
Every Night @ 7pm -12pm
All over Prague, Most exhibits are free


Prague’s International Design festival, DesignBlok welcomes over 200 exhibitors to participate in design week as one of the biggest fashion events in Central Europe. Both established designers and up-and-coming designers rub shoulders, showing what is next in Europe. Many galleries, showrooms and pop-up shops in Prague come together to create display of local fashion and design. This years theme will focus on the literal and sensory experience of food. Should be interesting.

October 26-30
Prague 1 + Events throughout the city


St Martins Day

Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal

Known as the feast of St Martin, the day is celebrate by enjoying roasted goose as well as Svatomartinské víno, a young wine from the recent harvest. Wine shops and restaurants around Prague pour the first of the St. Martin’s wines at 11:11 a.m. with many restaurants offer special menus for the day, featuring the traditional roast goose. You can celebrate with the rest of the city too. Head to Naplavka's St Martin's Festival and indulge many takes on the traditional goose (like goose burgers, foie gras, goose pate, and goulash) alongside the traditional wine.

November 11
Saturday, 10am-9pm
Rašínovo nábřeží, Free Entry


Another beloved Prague design, fashion & handcraft market feature creative work from a selection of mainly Czech artists. Praguemarket is a periodical two-day event offers jewerly, design, fashion, housewears and beyond- another place to browse and score the perfect, locally-made souvenir! We are all about supporting local art.

November 18-19
Saturday & Sunday (10am-7pm)
Náměstí Republiky, Free Entry

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Alexandra Siebenthal

Alexandra is American photographer and writer living in Prague, who came for the views and stayed for the cheap beer. She is into sunrise walks on the bridge, cafe culture and is overly enthusiastic for all things Prague, travel and good coffee.

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