Day Trips

Looking to get out of the city for the day? Here’s a few places only a short distance away…


Built by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, this fairy-tale castle is about a 45-minute train ride along the flowing Berounka river to the southwest of Prague.

Kutná Hora & Ossuary:

This medieval silver-mining town is famous for its “bone church” – a church decorated with artistically arranged human bones – as well as for its less morbid but no-less impressive Gothic St. Barbara Cathedral. About an hour east of Prague.


The castle where Archduke Franz Ferdinand resided before he was assassinated, sparking WWI. Located in Benešov, one hour south, it features the Archduke’s antler and weapon collection and a 555 acre park with rose gardens, forests, lakes & a café.

Terezín / Litoměřice:

Nazi prison camp and Jewish ghetto in a massive 18th century fortress.


Tábor  is a historic city in the South Bohemia, one and a half hours from Prague.