Olomouc Tourist Attractions

Miss Sophie’s is located close to many of the main sights and attractions of Olomouc. The main square Horní Náměstí is 400 meters away. Holy Trinity Column, The Astronomical Clock and Olomouc Town Hall are all on Horní Náměstí. The Museum of Modern Art (Muzeum umění Olomouc) is 100 meters in the opposite direction of the Miss Sophie’s.

1. Holy Trinity Column

holy trinity column olomouc

Holy Trinity Column Olomouc

The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc is a Baroque monument built from 1716 to 1754. The main purpose was to celebrate the Catholic Church and faith, partly caused by a feeling of gratitude for ending a plague, which struck Moravia (now in the Czech Republic) between 1713 and 1715. The column was also understood to be an expression of local patriotism since all artists and master craftsmen working on this monument were Olomouc citizens, and almost all depicted saints were connected with the city of Olomouc in some way.

In 2000 it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as “one of the most exceptional examples of the apogee of central European Baroque artistic expression”.

2. The Astronomical Clock

miss sophies olomouc astronomical clock

Olomouc Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock on the Olomouc town hall is one of only two in the country and is interesting because it represents the first real effort at organizing society according to the 24-hour clock, hundreds of years before the industrial revolution.

The Olomouc Astronomical is also quite unique because it was remodelled during the first years of communism in the style of social realism. When that regime fell at the end of the 1980’s, most of the prominent statues and monuments were removed, but the clock in Olomouc survived and offers a rare glimpse into the communist era with massive mosaics of workers and scientists and a dial that turns to display the International Day of the Worker and the birthdays of Lenin and Stalin.

3. Olomouc Town Hall

olomouc town hall

Olomouc Town Hall (on the right)

The Olomouc Town Hall building, which dominates the Upper Square (Horní náměstí), has been for more than six centuries a symbol of the economic and political importance of the former royal capital of Moravia.

The Town Hall is a four-winged building with an inner courtyard. Standing out from the south facade there is a window bay of the Gothic Chapel of St. Jerome richly decorated with tracery and figural motifs. At the eastern side of the building, there is a biaxial staircase.

4. St. Wenceslas Cathedral and The Olomouc Archdiocese Museum

the olomouc archdiocese museum

 Olomouc Archdiocese Museum By Muzeum umění Olomouc (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

St Wenceslas’ Cathedral with its two-tower face is an integral part of the city skyline. The third, the southern tower standing 100.65 meters high, is the tallest church tower in Moravia (and the second highest in the country). The three-naved hall of the church comes from the original medieval layout.

The Archdiocesan Museum is housed in the renovated buildings next to St. Wenceslas Cathedral. A concert hall called “Mozarteum” is part of the premises. It has been named to commemorate the stay of the famous composer.

5. Street Art

miss sophies olomouc street art

Street Art in Olomouc

Some of the finest examples of Street Art can be found in Olomouc. There are many examples of this within walking distance of Miss Sophie’s such as the one above of King Edward VII holding a selfie stick.

6. Church of Saint Michael

miss sophies olomouc st wenceslas church

The ceiling of Church of Saint Michael

Church of Saint Michael is a Roman Catholic church in Olomouc and one of the most important landmarks of the city. The church was constructed in the 13th century and reconstructed to its current Baroque form in 1676-1703 by Giovanni Pietro Tencalla.

The church was consecrated on 9 May 1707, however, in July 1709 was damaged by the large fire. The church is characterised by its three domes symbolizing the Holy Trinity. The Church organ is original dating from 1706, made by David Sieber, organist from Brno.

7. Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc is located in an Art Nouveau building at Republic Square. The so-called „Three-nave hall“(Trojlodí) and the cabinets on the first floor serve to hold temporary exhibitions of Czech and international art. The Museum specializes in the visual art of the 20th and 21st centuries. It holds long-term and short-term exhibitions of Czech and foreign modern art.