Sophie´s Café

Sophie truly is a passionate host! Therefore not only adorable rooms are waiting for you but so is Sophie´s Café. You can find the café on the lower floors of the building. It can fit up to 50 guests in both rooms - the upper floor on the street level and in the charming basement which is the best choice for private parties or presentations (we even have a projector in there).

Furthermore - we just opened a lovely garden in the backyard which you simply must fall in love with! Already imagining yourself drinking a delicious cup of coffee in the shadow of a centuries-old tree, maybe even going back to your childhood sitting in a swing? Open daily from 12:00 to 22:00.

Our menu

We like quality local Bohemian and Moravian products and that´s what we offer in our café. Whether Czech La Bohéme coffee, tasty regional beer Chomout or mouth-watering sandwiches with Olomouc cheese - we want it all and we are sure you will too!

Sophie loves to start her day with a tasty breakfast and therefore she offers two main options: cold buffet and hot brunch. We change the offer regularly to be able to use seasonal products and to satisfy all possible appetites.




Contact Info

+420 587 203 500

Opening hours

07:00-23:00 Daily